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Welcome to Benchmarking Alliance

Welcome to Benchmarking Alliance!

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  • As a former revenue manager, I've experienced firsthand the challenges and complexities of the hospitality industry. Joining Benchmarking Alliance has given me the unique opportunity to use this experience to help other revenue managers. Every day, I get to assist them in leveraging our benchmarking solutions to enhance their business strategies and decision-making processes. The transition from being a user to now aiding others in maximizing the benefits of our services has been incredibly rewarding. I'm proud to be part of a team that's making a tangible difference in the hospitality sector.

    Henrik Karlsson

    Client Relationship Manager

  • From the very beginning, our vision for Benchmarking Alliance was to revolutionize the way the hospitality industry approaches data and performance analysis. As one of the founders, it's been an incredible journey to see that vision come to life and evolve. Each day is a new opportunity to push boundaries and innovate, ensuring we always offer the best solutions to our clients. Being part of a team that is as passionate about data-driven success as I am makes this journey all the more rewarding.

    Per-Anders Pettersson

    Business Development & Co-Founder